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Select your web browser(s)

A while back Microsoft had to add a thing to IE so that users could choose their web browser after they installed windows (in EU). Now they’ve added this list, but Safari is the first in the list (because it’s alphabetic… Apple makes Safari). This makes the Mozilla guys angry. To cut to the chase: I’M SO TIRED OF THIS STUPID ARGUMENT! If you show this screen to any of my family members, they will choose Internet Explorer, because they haven’t heard of any of the other ones. Me, I will close this page and go to Google Chrome’s website to download MY preferred browser. So, I’ve got two messages.

First one goes to Microsoft: Get some balls and stop this stupidity! You’ve got more than enough money to run over the Mozilla-guys in court so your users don’t need ANOTHER click to start browsing.

Second one goes to Mozilla: STOP WHINING! This is NOT your operating system. If a user want to download your browser, he’ll go to your website and download it. You’re only making it harder for users like my mom to start surfing!

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