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Monthly Archives: June 2008


Are you excited to get starting with CR3, but is tied up with old CR1 applications or similar? Now I’ve got the solution for you šŸ™‚ You can start developing your own personal applications on a new server: TVS2PUBLIC
I’ve set up a database, and a service-site. When web3 is ready, you can use this server to host your personal sites. For example:
The only thing you need to do is start developing! šŸ˜€

If you are excited to start, just contact me and you’ll be ready to start within minutes!


Jon Jahren visited Omega at Wednesday. After that, we were at Hatteland to have a look at their server-park (a bit bigger than ours :-P), and then we had our first NNUG meeting.
Torgeir have written about the biggest points, so I’m not going to bore you with the same information.

We’ve started using windows server 2008 and IIS7 in Omega. First server out was AFS14, which is running (the web-service site for CR3).
TVS1 (virtual host-server, for virtual training servers) is now also running 2008, with Hyper-V, instead of VMWare.
TVS2WEB4 hosts, and is running 2008 with IIS7. Seems to work very good šŸ™‚

Now we’ve started converting SQL servers to (windows) 2008 too. The server that are going to run the Pims-databases (CMS, Cost, DC etc) is 2008.
I think this is a good progress, and we’re converting servers every week.

SQL Server 2008 RC0 is out, so I’ve installed that on TVS2SQL1 for testing. When the release comes (31. July), we’re going to convert our SQL Servers to 2008. I’m looking forward to that! šŸ˜€

SQL Server 2008 RC0

I’m now downloading RC0 šŸ˜€