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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Happy times!

I can’t wait to get back home. I really like it here in Bonn, but I’m REALLY looking forward to the next week. Actually the whole year!

For starters, NNUG Stavanger is having a meeting on Wednesday. I don’t think I’m able to participate there, but it would be fun. Thursday morning it’s MSDN/TechNet. I’m going to TechNet. It’s from the morning till about 15:00. MSDN’s having a great list of subjects, like Silverlight 2, ASP.NET Dynamic Data, IE8 etc. You can find the whole list here. TechNet has a high focus on Hyper-V (server virtualization) this time. Click here to get the session list.

After I’ve been to TechNet, I’m driving like a crazy back to Ølen, to host a NNUG meeting where Jan Ove Halvorsen is talking about .NET best practices etc. The day after, AppEd starts. There’s already about 35 people attending, and I’m REALLY looking forward to it! Here’s the schedule for AppEd.

On the night between Saturday and Sunday, we’re planning to upgrade Omega’s main SQL server to Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008. We’re also installing a new disk cabinet!
It’s going to be a wonderful week πŸ™‚

It sounds hard to top this, but it’s actually possible… In the end of September, I’m going to Oslo to participate at MSDN Live there, and also my first meeting with the people from the other NNUG branches. There’s a VERY special person coming to MSDN in Oslo, so if you have the possibility, I really recommend coming! Sorry, dudes. I can’t tell you his name.

In November, we’re 17 guys(!) from Omega going to TechEd. That’s also going to be really really nice. As you probably already know, I was there last year and it was like putting a child in the Euro Disney or similar! Here‘s the current list of sessions for TechEd Developers this year. This will change ALOT till we’re traveling, so don’t start planning what you’re going to yet.

So, it sounds even harder to top this one… Well, actually. It’s possible πŸ™‚ I just got a mail from Microsoft that I’m being nominated for MVP (Most Valuable Professional). I will be nominated tomorrow or Friday. Rune (my Microsoft contact) thought that I would have a good chance the next cycle, which is January 1st. Cross your fingers and toes for me!

I’m glad I got the chance to start in Omega, because I’ve developed a lot since I started here! Big thanks goes to my favorite boss, Johnny, my technology God, Torgeir and also my "master" Trygve for being patient with me from day one πŸ™‚

Being a tourist

I’ve now been to Germany for a week, and I’ve had the chance of being a tourist in the evenings and in the weekend. There’s one thing that wasn’t like I thought it would be with the Germans. They say hello to each other even if they don’t know each other. It’s pretty weird, but also nice. In Norway, if you do that, people would think you were either a mental patient, or you were having a bachelor party.

So, since Jon Kristian likes to sleep a couple of more hours in the weekends, I’ve been walking all over Bad Godesberg (which is the southern suburb of Bonn). The centrum is bit smaller than Haugesund. When Jon Kristian got up we went to his favorite bakery, and then we left for Cologne (Köln). The first thing we noticed was the BIG cathedral. It was really tall! Actually, between 1880 and 1884, it was the tallest building in the world. I’m not a religious person, but I do appreciate architecture, and especially gothic architecture! After a couple of hours of walking around Köln, we went down to the Rhine to have a beer. Of course, Gaffel Kölsch πŸ™‚ There we saw this amazing "sport" called Bier Biking. It’s basically 14 guys sitting on a vehicle, cycling and drinkning beer. They were also singing drinking songs etc. Was pretty funny to watch!


For some weird reason, they’ve got a Revisions table with a field called DocRef here.
The DocRef field contains a ; seperated list of GUIDs. In the new model we’re implementing, we’ve got an own table for files, so I had to figure out something smart to get this ; seperated list to be records.

First I had to fix sfnc_System_SplitGuid. Just remove the PRIMARY KEY setting on the PrimKey field in the return @GuidTable table variable. This is of course fixed on our main database in Ølen now, so you don’t need to fix it after next build. After that I wrote the following query:

  R.Domain, R.DocDwgID, R.Rev, S.PrimKey AS FileRef
	FROM atbl_DocCtrl_Revisions AS R WITH (NOLOCK)
	CROSS APPLY sfnc_System_SplitGuid(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(R.DocRef, ';', ','), '{', ''), '{', '')) AS S

The nice thing about this is that we’re using CROSS APPLY to “apply” a UDF to a recordset. Sweet thing!

BTW! Today’s song is: Backstreet Boys – I want it that way

Guten Morgen, TGE!

I’m now in Bonn helping Jon Kristian to upgrade their PIMS (DocCtrl) to R3. It took some time to get our computers up and running, but it’s at least working perfect now πŸ™‚


Now we’re up and running, and the new database is restored. I’ve started clean-ups (because they’re only going to have DocCtrl). Jon Kristian has got his introduction to CR3, and his first words about it was “WOW! Now I finally have something to brag about to the other consultant”. They’ve got a cool relationship. Always smiling and laughing.

My hotel doesn’t have internet, so I’m “forced” to get out and do stuff. It’s great to have Jon Kristian down here. He’s taking us around the city, to restaurants (remember; I LOVE FOOD), bars etc. I think I’ve found my new favorite beer. Not sure yet, but it’s really good. It’s called Gaffel KΓΆlsch.
On Monday, I tasted some national food. 5-6 different sausages, among them blood-pudding. I love food made from blood. Or, actually, I love all food πŸ™‚

We’ve looked at the old DocCtrl and compared it to the new one. We think it will be ok to convert it, but there’s going to be some weird looking import SPs. I’ve just started them, and I’m looking forward to get it all up and running!


We’re having a technology conference in ØLEN in september. Many of the people I’ve talked with, thinks AppEd is the same as TechEd. Well, we wish!
I’m sure you’ll learn even more at AppEd, than TechEd πŸ˜‰

AppEd is 4-6th of September. Click here for the agenda.

PS! This year we’re only inviting norwegian-speaking system engineers. If we succeed like we’re planning to do, we’re going to try to invite ALL system engineers next year!
If you’re interested in joining, please sign up in the “My Omega Advantage+” section.

SQL Server 2008 released

SQL Server 2008 is now released! πŸ˜€