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On my commute from and to Ølen I’ve got a lot of time to kill, so I’ve started listening to podcasts. By now I’m following 30 podcasts! Most of these are from NRK, so they’re in Norwegian, but I’m also listening to a couple of English podcasts. I hope some of these might be interesting for you, and maybe help you on your commute or when you’re working out! All of them are available in iTunes.

.NET Rocks!
Talk show for developers programming on the Microsoft .NET platform. Hosts: Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell.

Scott Hanselman (web developer at Microsoft) has a weekly where he discusses utilities, tools, ASP.NET and win forms stuff.

RunAs Radio
Talk show for IT Professionals working with Microsoft products. Discusses everything from Windows 7 to SQL Server. Hosts: Richard Campbell and Greg Hughes.

Security Now
Weekly talk show from TWiT.TV where the topic is security. Hosts: Steve Gibson (creator of the first anti-spyware application) and Leo Laporte.

This Week in Google
Another one of TWiT.TV’s productions. This is the show about Google and “the cloud” (read: other web-stuff). Hosts: Leo Laporte, Gina Trapani and Jeff Jarvis.

This Week in Tech
The first (I think) podcast from TWiT.TV. General tech-talk show where they talk about anything. Popular topics are Kindle (from Amazon), Google Wave and Snow Leopard. Hosts: Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton and John C. Dvorak.

Windows Weekly
Weekly talk show about Windows related stuff. Vista, Windows 7, Office, X-Box +++. Hosts: Leo Laporte and Paul Thurrott.


Here’s a quick list of recommended podcasts from NRK (in Norwegian!):
20 spørsmål
Hallo i Uken
Herreavdelingen (Yan Friis og Finn Bjelke)
Misjonen (på P4 med Atle Antonsen og Johan Golden)
Naturens Verden
P2 Akademiet
Sånn er Livet
Verdt å Vite

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