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5 minutes interview #15 – Nils Arne Ramsvik

Nils Arne started a couple of months before me. The first thing I can remember was that he was working with a handheld computer for a customer. This was back when I thought that PHP and MySQL was the only way you could do anything. Of course, I was wrong. Nils Arne is from Etne (about 10 minutes from Ølen). He’s also the first AppFrame Certified Developer, including the Microsoft certifications! He’s also written several good blog posts. You can visit his blog here.

Do you remember your first day in Omega?
I remember I started part time alongside my studies in Stavanger and were given a bunch of AppFrame / PIMS manuals and an old laptop – so it was up to me to get myself a backup database and install PIMS to teach me what it was. There was no training, unlike now, and I learned probably the most when I came out to the customers after I started full time.

What have you been doing these years?
I have worked with a lot of customers like R&M, Baker, Sørco, Prosafe and IKM. I have been traveling a lot for Omega. Singapore, Germany, USA, and last but not least Egersund. The last year I have mainly worked on CMS-related (Completion Management System) things in Ølensvåg.

What’s your current position? Working on anything fun?
Now I am in Svein Tore’s CMS department. Here we have just released a new build where we are trying to focus on user-friendliness by for example implementing the three structures in the forms, so that users can more easily be able to navigate their way in PIMS.

Do you have any tips for those of us that still haven’t got to take all the certifications?
You need to read a lot for these exams. There have been many long days reading books before I took the exams. But it’s worth it, especially when one climb up on the salary ladder – which was my motivation. Now I have taken the certification that Omega covers, so now I’m just waiting for a new "carrot" from Omega before I start reading again.

Any hobbies? Except computer stuff, of course.
In the summer I am often out in my boat, but now that the autumn is here I’m in the mountains hunting  for grouse. Trying to get up to the mountains 3-4 times a week to see if there is anything I can shoot to fill up the freezer. It has been a lot of grouse in the beginning of the hunting season, but now it’s time for wood grouse. We rarely go for a walk without seeing / shooting for any 🙂 I’m not really into skiing, but I like after-skiing, so in the winter there’s after-skiing and recharging so that I’m ready for the first boat ride in the summer.

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