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Use Hotmail with YOUR custom domain

Did you know you can use your custom domain in Hotmail, and with other Live services? A while ago, Microsoft “opened up” Hotmail to accept custom domains. You can do this by visiting . I’ve done this with my domain; Now, gets me to the hotmail login-form, where I log in with, and check my mail there. The great thing about this is that I no longer have to run my own exchange server, or worry about mail-things like spam or similar. Other interesting supported services are calendar, skydrives and photos. This makes it nicely integrated with my WP7.

Microsoft Releases 2010

There’s been a “wave” of releases from Microsoft the last months, and more to come. The following are already released: Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 4, SQL Server 2008 R2 (will be available on MSDN/TechNet May 3rd), Office 2010 (mmmmmm, sexy) and SharePoint Server 2010. Later this year Windows Live “Wave 4” will be released, Windows Phone 7 and the new Windows Home Server (code named “Vail”). It’s a lovely year for those of that LOVE playing with new (betas and) releases.

To get all of these (except Visual Studio (which you can get with MSDN), Windows Live and Phone 7), the only thing you need is a TechNet subscription which costs $349 the first year and $249 for renewal. Compared to buying all these licenses in the store, it’s almost as cheap as pirating it! And, you don’t need to worry about downloading viruses, things that doesn’t work etc.

Bloggers bloggers bloggers!

As you might have noticed, Jarl Erik have fixed a couple of things on this site. Including the new rating-system. Would be nice if you used this so we (the bloggers) know what’s interesting and what’s not.

Also, I want to invite others to start blogging. Is there anything you want to write about? Tell me, and I’ll set up a blog for you! I sent an email yesterday asking the existing bloggers to write about a couple of topic that I would be interested in reading more about. Is there any topics you’d like to read more about, please tell me (or the others). If you tell me, I can ask others to write about them if it’s not something I feel comfortable writing about.

We use Windows Live Writer for blogging. Here’s a couple of plug-ins that are very useful:

Insert Code
Syntax highlighting, row number etc. Supports C#, HTML, MSH, Java Script, Visual Basic and TSQL

Insert File(s)
This allows you to insert files directly into Live Writer, and saves the files automatically to our filestore.

Please remember security. Do not mention server-names, details that can be exploited by hackers. Also keep in mind that our customers might be reading these blogs!