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Moving to

It’s been a while since my last blog post, and one of the reasons is that I’ve used time to find out where to put my blog. Why move it from you might ask. My main point is uptime. Omega is not a hosting-company; it’s a software-company. Therefore we don’t have the same uptime policies with 100%, 99.99% etc. Of course, some of our servers are high priority, but the point here is that we develop software which is hosted at the customer’s IT-department, at or similar.

Lately the technology-department have been pushing out Web4 (our new Web framework), and this means testing it on all internal sites, including the blogs. I’m impressed by the framework, and I really like our CMS, but the “problem” is just that I don’t need any of these features. I just need my blog to work, and look awesome!

After deciding I didn’t need any AppFrame things for my blog, I started looking around for a suitable blog-engine. I’ve looked at blogger, WordPress and a couple of other alternatives. I’ve also set up a self-hosted WordPress-blog. My conclusion is that for MY needs, at the moment, is the best out there. Pros

  • Very high uptime
  • Scaling – Since every blog “lives” on multiple servers, there’s no problem if my blog becomes extremely popular over night
  • After setting it up I don’t have to deal with updates, backups or any other maintenance
  • It’s free
  • Extra traffic
  • Standard blog – Easy to handle comments (from my iPhone) Cons

  • Other than choosing themes, using widgets and stuff, there’s very limited customization
  • No plugin upload

My new URL is My RSS feed is still at If you follow me from TeamDocuments/Connect, you might find my new blog there soon!