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Google Wave – Preview

Yesterday I got a Google Wave invite. I’ve played with it for a couple of hours to try to understand the concept. I’ve heard a lot of a podcast called TWIG (This Week In Google) where they’ve been talking about wave. They’ve said that you shouldn’t think of wave as a MSN or mail “killer”, and I tend to agree. Where I see the big potential is when you want to collaborate on a document or similar. In Omega we got TeamDocuments. This MIGHT be a TeamDoc killer, but I’m not convinced yet. You’ve probably already seen the video where they presented Google Wave for developers. I’ve tried out some of the functionality, but for now I think it’s way to slow. I’m using chrome version 4, but they still got some tuning to do in my opinion. Anyhow, let’s focus on the cool stuff! On the left side (see the screenshot) you’ve got Inbox etc and your contacts on the bottom. I know a couple of guys which has an account, so the first thing I tried was having a live conversation with one of them (Tormod Haugen). I found it very cool that you see what the other person is typing before he presses enter. This saves a lot of time, at least compared to MSN where you’re seeing the “….. is writing” for several minutes, and then the thing he/she were writing was “ok”. Pretty annoying.

In the picture you’ll see my search “with:public lang:no”. In wave you can share a wave with everyone, or with just the people you choose. Public of course means everyone, and guess what… “lang:no” means Norwegian 🙂 The wave I’ve clicked on is called “Calling out to all Norwegian wavers"!”, it was last updated 1:25 pm, and has one unread message (or Blip as it’s called) of 34. In this wave there’s a vote if Google Wave seems promising. I’ve voted “Maybe”. As every other good bug testers, I’m going to start reporting bugs from now. I’m a Microsoft fan-boy, but I’m also a Google fan-boy, so why not help them out the same way I’ve been helping Microsoft? By reporting LOTS of bugs 😛

Conclusion: Although this seems promising, there’s still a long way to go. I’ll keep testing it, checking out all the bots you can add and other stuff. Maybe I’ll even write a bot myself? 🙂

NB! I don’t have any invitations, sorry. If I get any, I already have a list of about 20 people who’s interested 😛

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