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5 minutes interview #14 – Ronny Stange

You might have seen Ronny driving around in his wheelchair at Omega HQ. He’s one of the most silent guys I know, but he’s always in a good mood and likes to talk tech-stuff. A couple of years ago he started in the Technology department. It was back when we were located at "teknisk etat" in Ølen Centrum. After a little while we got him to join us out on the balcony for a little break in between code-sessions so we had the possibility of getting to know him and his staff.

Do you remember your first day in Omega?
I remember it very well. This was way before any training sessions had made its way in Omega, so things was fairly unorganized. I was basically told to install Visual Studio and read up on how to use the grid until Peter got back from vacation. I remember thinking that things was fairly chaotic, so good thing that we’ve started with training session for new employees. 🙂

What did you do before Omega?
Before Omega there was school. I took my bachelor degree at NITH Stavanger, and then I went on and took my masters at Brunel University.

You are the "go to guy" on AppFrame Web. Can you tell us a bit about web3?
The goal with web3 was to make it a lot simpler to use than the old web2 framework. Johnny even wanted it to be so simple that no JavaScript coding was needed. With that goal in mind we started creating the framework based on DevExpress’ web controls. However, we quickly found out that these web controls was not as solid as their win controls. Long story short, a brand new framework based on Telerik was released with build3. And in build4 we expanded that framework with the new client side framework that even impressed Vidar!

Except web-programming, do you have any hobbies?
Well I am a big music fan, metal is the preferred genre. So I like going to concerts when I’m able to. Other than that I am a big movie geek and I usually blow off about 80% of my salary on new DVDs.

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