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4. Nov; Mission (Almost) Impossible

The mission of the day was to find the TechEd area, which seemed like an impossible task for a couple of hours.

People from Barcelona are not too good in speaking English, and when the city is this big, and we only got a name of a building, it seemed to be very hard to explain where to go. Even the bus-drivers didn’t know where CCIB (Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona) were.

After walking down the (too long) street, La Rambla, we desided to start asking people where this was. People were pointing in all directions….

With 18 degrees celcius, this wasn’t too bad. We got to taste Spanish (I believe they were Belgish!) wafles with caramel! 😀

After a visit to a big aquarium, we desided to grab a taxi, which eventually got us to CCIB.

I figured out, bringing me to TechEd is just like bringing a kid to a candy factory, or a muslim to Mekka! Next to heaven!


When we registered, we got a TechEd Developers 2007 computer bag with ALOT of cool things in it! Among these things were:

Several magazines, Conference Schedule, Developers editions of mobile dev tools, VS, pen, and a hole lot of advertisement from the sponsors.

There were nothing else this day, other than registration which took about 2 minutes.


After coming back to the hotel, after at least 7000km of walking (or at least, my feet felt so), we went to a great Tapas-place and tried the “Tasting menu” with 7 dishes, and “a couple” of beers. (PS! When you order cognac, you do not get cognac!)

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