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5. Nov; The beginning

My day started at 8am, when Øystein called; “Nå gidde eg ikkje å gå ront aleina lenger. STÅ OPP!” (English: I don’t wanna walk around alone anymore. GET UP!)

We went down to have breakfast, egg and bacon, and then waited till 9 for the hotel-pool to open. We had packed our bikinies (shorts, for those of you who don’t like the sight of me in bikini), and were READY to take a swim, but when we got to the pool we got disappointed!

It wasn’t big enough for a walrus like me! But, we moved on. Got a shower, woke up Jan Leon and headed for CCIB. Now we knew which metro-station to get to, and where to get off!

We started with lunch (right after breakfast you might ask? Well.. To get as big and strong as me, you have to eat like a horse!) at 11:30. After lunch we had a couple of hours to kill, so we got to the HOL (Self-Paced Hands-on Labs), where they have set up computers in areas for learning different things. The SQL-area was full, so we sat down at powershell. Also VERY interesting, since I’m used to Linux (and console) before starting in Omega. Finally you can start scripting almost like in bash! I’ve missed this. The great thing about HOL is that the computers are set up in a way you can’t do anything else than you’re supposed to (working with powershell), and you’ve got a bunch of experts in all areas!


After about an hour in HOL, we desided to find the auditorium where the keynote speak with CO Vice President of the Developer devision in Microsoft; Mr. Somasegar, were starting at 14:00. He’s probably from India or something. We had some problems with understanding his accent, but understood the point of “welcome to TechEd 2007”. The auditorium was filled with geeks like ourself. I’d guess about 500-1000 geeks! That’s more than we’ve got in Ølen!


After the keynote speech, a couple of smokes and a cup of coffee, we got to the first session:

DAT308, Best Practices for Optimizing Service-Based Code in SQL Server 2005 and Beyond, with Bob Beauchemin (from SQLSkills).

Great speaker! I’d love to have a couple of words with him within this week! He were talking about the Service Broker “tool” in SQL Server, which is like a queue. You can use this to run queries asyncronous. FINALLY WE CAN GET RID OF DO ADMIN JOBS!

Rating: 2.5 (1 till 10, where 1 is best, as always 😉


After a smoke, I got “down to earth” again and we managed to get to another session:

SEP203, Introductory Walkthrough of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) using Visual Studio 2008, with Steve Maine

He was more of a kind of nerd. Didn’t have 100% control over presentations (when error appeared, he got silent and just tried to fix everything asap zulu, instead of starting next topic.

This was not to interesting for me, as I’m more of a database-dude, but I had at least my eyes planted on the big-screen, trying to understand everything.

Rating: 7


When SEP203 were finished, we went to the opening of the exhibition hall, where we (finally) got some snacks. Got to speak with a girl in MSDN, which actually had norwegian grand-parents. Her last-name was Olsen. Same as Øystein 🙂 Got some free caps and some other stuff, and then went home. We were only three at this time; me, myself and …  No. Øystein and Jan Leon. All of us thought we had sense of direction, but we were proven wrong! We walked in all directions, because each person we asked for directions pointed in different directions! After a while we found out that trying to find the way to Hard Rock Cafe was much easier than trying to find the way to the longest street in Europe! Who would have thought that?! Ended up at the hotel after a couple of hours walk, got a couple of beers and now I’m off to bed! Good night!

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