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3. Nov; Arrival

Saturday, 3rd nov my day started at about 10am. Packing my bag, passport and credit-cards!

From Stavanger we went to Amsterdam (Schiphol). The VIP Lounge (for Diners-cardholders) is a great place, except when there’s a lady behind the desk at about 120 years old. I don’t think the word “service” exists in her dictionary.

Anyhow, from Amsterdam to Barcelona, and from the airport with a taxi-driver who only understood “beer” and “monetas”, we understood getting around town could be difficult! We ended up at the hotel late in the evening, had “a couple” of beers and got to bed.

We’re living at Hotel Catalonia Ramblas, which by the way is in the longest street (La Ramblas) in the Europe.


“We” are:

Vidar, Torgeir, Jan Leon, Øystein, Nils Arne, Ronny and his two little helpers; Beate and Sidsel

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