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5 minutes interview #19 – Nathan Lalonde

Nathan’s been with us for several years now. I’ve had the pleasure of having him in two AppFrame Trainings (R2 and R3) and we’ve been talking a lot on MSN, especially around build updates 🙂

How is it being American, working for a Norwegian company?
It’s been an interesting experience. I think there’s a fair amount of different views within Omega that you wouldn’t see in a typical American company. Some are good, some are just different. Working for an international company has given me a couple of chances to travel, so that’s been a good experience as well. My Norwegian coworkers have been great, and I’ve developed some really good relationships. Now, if I could just learn to read and partially speak in Norwegian, I’d feel totally assimilated. 🙂

What have you been doing in Omega PS? Your current position?
My current position in Omega PS is the Lead Systems Engineer in ConocoPhillips. I oversee the PIMS infrastructure in Conoco, am responsible for all upgrades, and have been supporting a group of about 10 projects in the Gasification, Regas, & Pipelines group. I also support the Shah Gas Development project, in Abu Dhabi, with their bidding phase. I’ve mostly been working on developing and updating the Bid Management System over the last year for the Shah project and the Yanbu Export Refinery Project, but have also spent a lot of time working on the Change Management System for the CORE Wood River Refinery project. The majority of my work has been done on the web using the web 2 templates, but I’ve recently been involved in heading up a rewrite of the Bid Management System within the CR3 and Web3 environment.

Last time we met you said you’re writing a book. What’s it about, and when can we get it in the stores?
My book is a science fiction novel with a good mixture of theological themes in it. Its a tale of the struggle of good versus evil, and how mankind plays into that spiritual struggle in physical ways. I’ve stalled out on it lately because work has been busy, and family and other responsibilities have been taking a good amount of my time. However, I’m still working on it, and I hope I can get it finished by next summer. I’ve got around 50-60 pages written. After I’m finished, I would imagine it will take some time to get it before a publisher and out into stores. Look for it on the shelves in 2011.  😉

Do you have any other hobbies, except computers?
I actually have TOO many hobbies.  I’m actively involved in my church. I teach a Bible study on Wednesday nights for an age range of 20-40. I also lead the worship on Sunday mornings, and play either the acoustic guitar or the bass for the services. I’m a HUGE fan of American football, and cheer on the Houston Texans every Sunday afternoon. I’m an avid reader (hence the novel I’m working on), enjoy playing a good video game, and like to stay physically active by going to the gym. I’m also involved in a conservative political action group in my community. I have two young daughters, and enjoy spending time with them and my wife. So, all that makes for a pretty busy schedule.

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