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Google Chrome OS

A couple of months ago I heard (read?) a rumor about Google making their own OS (operating system). I wasn’t sure what to think of it, since there’s already way to many OSs. Google have now released a beta version of Chrome OS which I’ve just started testing. What’s the point of it? It’s not here to replace for instance my computer, where I run Visual Studio, SQL Server and other applications. It’s made to be installed on computers like my mom’s. The only thing she does on her computer is surfing the internet, sending mail, watching pictures of her first grandson and similar. To get a quick intro, check out this video.

To test this yourself, you can either download the source code and build it manually, or you can get a version from piratebay. Yes, it’s legal and no I don’t take ANY responsibly of the content of it!

After you’ve downloaded this VMware .vmdk file (which is a hard disk file for VMware), you can download either VMware Player or, as I did, Sun’s VirtualBox. After installing it, create a new virtual machine but be sure to check of that you’ve already got a virtual hard drive. Use the file you downloaded as your hard drive. Some people have said that you have to set the network adapter to be bridged, but I haven’t got mine to work in either bridged mode or NAT. Therefore I’m using NAT with “chronos” (yes, with “N” and not “M”) as username, and empty password. After logging in you’re immediately ready to start surfing. Be aware, that this is a beta release, released about a year before the planned release date, so don’t expect everything to work 100% 🙂 Mine have crashed three times the last 15 minutes. I’m running it with 512MB RAM on a laptop that doesn’t have hardware virtual machine support, so the performance is not great, but it works and I’m really looking forward to seeing this getting even better!

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