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A couple of weeks ago I removed my accounts at facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. Why? Because I’m sick and tired of getting mail with invites for stupid things that I don’t care about. The only social network I’m now a member of is twitter. This is different. For starters, there’s almost no “kiddies” there. Most of you probably know what twitter is but for you that don’t, read here. At first I didn’t want a twitter account, because I don’t care what everyone is doing all the time. But, I found out that this is not the primary usage. At least not for IT-guys. It’s very good to for example share interesting links.

At twitter, there are a couple of things you should know. When using a hash tag (#), you’re referring to a topic which is searchable, so when a user search for “windows7”, all your tweets with #windows7 in it will show. You can also click on these hash tags and see other people’s tweets about this topic. When referring to a user you use the @. For example my user is known as @vidarnordnes, so if you want to write something to me, you’ll write: “@vidarnordnes: Good morning”, and if I want to ReTweet, I write: “RT @johnnyvik: Good morning”. These are all public messages, but you can also send direct messages which only can be read by the recipient.

So, who’s worth following? You can go here to find the persons I’m following. Here’s a list of (in)active Omega twitters:

And here’s a list of my favorites:


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