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5 minutes interview #5 – Håvard Ravatn

Since I first met Håvard, he’s been teasing me about me being a "Karmøy-bu" (a guy from Karmøy). This is of course a great excuse if I’ve got a PEBKAC, I can just say "Hey, I’m from Karmøy…". Håvard has been Trygve’s right hand for several years, and the only bad thing he has to say about Håvard is that he’s working to fast. He can build PIMS in 3 hours. That’s even faster than Johnny! That’s of course not a bad thing but to be honest Håvard is a very clever guy. He’s also started blogging at Stay tuned for blog inputs!

So, Håvard: How and when did you start in Omega?
Being from Ølen I’ve known many of the ‘founding-fathers’ of Omega for quite a while. I got my first pay-check from Omega some 15 years ago having a summer-job painting parts of the then brand new main office in Ølensvåg. After finishing collage in 2003 I had a word with Torleif and applied for an open position as system-engineer which I didn’t get. Instead I started on master-level studies, but luckily I got a phone-call from Lars the following Christmas about an open position. I got an interview with Svein Tore who took his chances and hired me. I had my first day as a “real” Omega-employee in January 2004.

What have you been doing all these years?
I started out in Svein-Tore’s department, got my ‘basic-training’ in the Omega-office in Stavanger, and then worked mainly with CMS-related stuff for Statoil and ABB Offshore for a few of months. In June 2004 I was asked to go Bonn, Germany to work for TGE for a ‘couple of weeks’. In true Omega-fashion I ended up working in Germany for almost 18 months! After returning to Norway I worked in Ølensvåg for a couple of months and then started working for Aibel in Stavanger in February 2006. I stayed there until about a year ago when I moved to Bergen and starting working at the new Omega branch-office. At present I do work for several clients such as Aibel, Seawell, Siemens and StatoilHydro.

What’s the "main theme" of your blog going to be?
I haven’t really decided what to blog about, but I’ll probably focus on AppFrame and PIMS related stuff. I hope to share some of the tips, tricks -and knowledge I’ve picked up during my years in Omega.

Do you have any hobbies, except computer stuff?
I listen a lot to music and waste countless hours in front of my stereo-system. Now and then I try to get some exercise and usually take hikes in the mountains surrounding Bergen. I’m also a Discovery Channel-addict!

One response to “5 minutes interview #5 – Håvard Ravatn

  1. Mauricio Munera July 1, 2011 at 16:43

    I started at Omega in the beginning of 2011. Håvard has been my coach since then, I can’t be more thankful for everything I have learned from him. He is a great guy, very good at what he does, a working machine and on top of that very humble. Not matter how stupid a question could be, he always has time to help not matter how many clients he is dealing with at the same time.
    Attention: Before tasting his coffee make sure that you tolerate HUGE amount of caffeine!
    (Even when this post is a bit cliche, It is meant to be a kind of thank you message before he moves back to Stavanger)


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