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I should probably call this FREE PORN. That way everyone would have read it, but anyways.. Although this is a bit of a boring subject, this will only take two minutes, and it can save you many hours afterwards! The topic is security. I’ve gathered some security actions after watching a couple of TechEd Sessions from Steve Riley about Security. All my bullet points are COST FREE as in no money spent, and almost no time spent implementing. Then, why don’t you already do it? I don’t care, but please start doing it.


  • Anti-malware
    This includes virus, spyware, adware+++. Vista comes with Windows Defender, but AVG FREE is a good alternative.
  • Be skeptical!
    Never give your password to ANYONE. This includes your administrator! If I really want/need (for testing purposes) to use your account, I can reset your password to something.
    Never click on anything that you don’t know the results of. For example, lately I’ve gotten many links from a contact on MSN. Typically “Try this cool website:”. I have of course changed the host so you won’t click on it 😉 The reason I got suspect was that this person is Norwegian. Why should she start a conversation with an English sentence and a link? And why is she offline? She’s clicked on one of those links herself, added her msn address and password to the site, and there you go. This also goes to e-mails. If for some reason spam gets through our very tough spam-filter, be skeptical! For the record, I’ve blocked this person from MSN. When she’s stopped clicking on stupid links, I’ll unblock her.
  • Do not run as administrator
    Most common applications does not have any problems running as normal user
  • Ensure Microsoft update is running frequently
  • Firewall
    Both XP and Vista comes with built-in firewalls. DO NOT DISABLE THEM! If you’ve got apple, throw it in the garbage and buy a real computer.
  • Lock your computer when you leave it
    THIS COST YOU about 14 calories, but believe me, you want to loose these 14 calories. Have you ever thought about how easy it is to for example go in to the Omega HQ office at for example lunch time, go in to an empty office and play with your computer? Many of you leave your computer when you’re logged on to MarketMaker, logged in with management studio to our SQL Servers and maybe remote desktop. Now, use one minute to think about what the intruder could do, just because you want to save your 14 calories. This is the easiest security action to take, less time consuming and it’s totally cost free, and also, it’s the most efficient!
  • Uninstall unused applications
    This will not only increase security, it will also increase your computers performance!
  • Use a good password
    Your name is not a good password. Neither is the one you’ve used for 10 years. Use a passphrase and change it every now and then. For example: ILoveEasySecurityActions! It’s easy to remember, it’s secure because of the length, the use of lower and uppercase, and it’s got special signs (!).


  • Anti-malware
    For filestores
  • Firewall
    All windows servers comes with built in firewalls. Leave them on, and also install a hardware firewall on your network to protect you.
  • Microsoft Update
  • Reduse the amount of admins
    The more people that have access, the more likely the server is to be exploited!
  • Uninstall unused applications
    SQL Servers should NOT run ANYTHING ELSE than SQL Server. Same goes to web-servers, DNS servers etc!

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