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Christmas? Not yet

I’m now back in Ølen, or as I like to see it; back to reality. I could have been at TechEd for ages, “but but, it’s not only only” as Leif like to say. It’s direct translated from Norwegian. You English-speaking-dudes probably see the humour with that 😛 Anyhow, now we’ve started with TechEd “sessions” in Ølen. Pretty interesting to gather Omega-nerds together (with pizza) and watch Mr. Bob speak like he’s done a thousand times before.

Next Pizza & Learning in Ølen will be about SQL Replication, so I’ve just started to prepare for it. I’ll make an input here when I’m done. SQL Replication is something I think our customers will ask for. In the past we’ve talked them out of it, because it was too much hassle, but from what I understand of both Microsoft and users it’s now MUCH easier. This will also help me on my way to take a SQL 2005 exam. I’ve taken one for 2000, but that’s old shit now. When I’ve passed 2005 (hopefully on first attempt), I’ll bet my ass it doesn’t take more than two months before 2008 exams is out.

The last week I’ve worked a lot with the technology servers. We’ve split up Omegas server-park. Now JanCB (and the rest of IT/Drift) is responsible for Omega’s production servers (teamdoc, mail etc), and I’m responsible for all test and development servers. It’s fun to vary your day with various things. CR1, CR2, web-support (even though I’ve never developed ANY web-stuff for Omega), server-issues etc.

This Sunday we installed a new server-rack for the test-server-room. SEXY! I need one myself at home! And if I ever get a wife, I’ll teach her how to clean it 🙂 I know what you’re thinking. Poor wife! As Stephen Forte (one of the speakers at TechEd) said, his wife took too much time, so instead he’s got a laptop with SQL Server installed in his bed. Sounds familiar…

I’m sorry that we can’t share the TechEd sessions with you. The streams are DRM-protected, and you need username and password to see them. I’m sure you understand that we don’t want to give our username and password to everyone. Microsoft might throw us out if we’re too many logged in. When I’m in Stavanger next time if anyone is interested, I’ll put it on the big screen. I’m always open for a session! Also, when (if) I’m going to Lithuania soon, I’ll put it on the big screen there too!

I do recommend you setting up Pizza & Learning where it’s possible. It’s very interesting. I know it’s not just me who think that! If you need help with subjects, you should stop thinking about pizza and start thinking about work 🙂 In Ølen we’ve had the following so far:
New features in SQL 2005, AppFrame Grid Control, Infrastructure in Omega, SQL Tuning (2 sessions), Active Directory and Exchange and this time we’ll have SQL Replication. I’m going to vote for PIMS-modules next time! If you need info about one (or more) of these, do not hesitate to contact me!

PS!!! It really annoys me that it’s not possible to have subjects inside subjects in TeamDoc. Hope this will be fixed in the near future.

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