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The End

Today’s the last day of TechEd Developers. I’ve enjoyed it VERY much. Actually, I would have loved to be here next week to, since TechEd ITPro’s starting on Monday. Started the day with lunch at CCIB and then walking around the exhibition hall. I love talking to other geeks, learning about the things they do etc. Finally got a hold of Carl Perry to ask him about the setting password in the connection-string problem we’ve been having. He wasn’t sure about ODBC and OLE DB, but he showed me how to do it with SqlClient (for web). He wasn’t very familiar with SMS. I had to show him how to make logins, user mappings etc, but he knew what he was talking about when it came to connection APIs. Of course, he should, since he’s the manager for connection APIs :P. After half an hour in VS we figured how to do it; The SqlConnection object has a method called ChangePassword. Almost too easy!

I managed to have time for a couple of HOLs today; DAT10, 11, 13, 16 and 82. A bit of replication, query tuning (nothing new), and a bit of info about using SQL Server as a web service.
So, after walking around the hall and fumbling with the computer, I went to the last session of the week.

INF310, How We Built the TechEd Developers Infrastructure, with Andrew Cheeseman
He’s a pretty cool guy. I was laughing almost the whole session! Did you know that they set up 1300 computers in only 3 days?! And that’s only with one image. The rest is done by group policies. AD is pretty amazing. They also had over 1000 wireless devices connected. Quote: “If someone’s telling you 1000 users on wireless work fine, they’re talking with their ass. They’ve got NO clue of what they’re talking about”. Cheeseman’s own words. Actually, most of their servers are located in London on a 1Gbps internet connection. They only bring the gateways and AD-servers around. It was fun listening to him, and I got a whole lot of ideas how to make Omegas version of TechEd. Maybe, if I try hard enough, this just might happen 😀

Rating: 4

I almost forgot to mention. I got a couple of free T-shirts today too!
After leaving the event Jan Leon and I went to a shopping mall. I’m SO tired of walking! He got some clothes for his daughter, and I got myself a Barcelona jersey! Number 19, Messi.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for Oslo, to watch the Norwegian cup finals, so I’m not home before Sunday evening/Monday night. Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again! Thanks for reading!

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