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NDC 2011

The Opera Tuesday, June 7th I packed my bags, put my ass on a plane (not literary!) and went to Oslo to attend Norwegian Developers Conference; NDC 2011. I’ll skip the boring details about all the cool stuff I took pictures of (including the Opera house) and go straight to the conference. It was AWESOME! Good sessions, impressive list of speakers, many NNUG people, good food and very good coffee.


The conference was started by Scott “The Gu” Guthrie, talking about Azure. Although I knew more or less everything he was talking about, it was cool seeing him live. For me, seeing him live is like normal people seeing royal people. After his session I attended Maarten Balliauw‘s Azure sessions. A couple of interesting bullet points, but nothing big.

Then lunch came along, and I went to another room to watch another Belgian; Gill Cleeren. I’ve followed this guy for a while on Twitter, and I didn’t have any idea what LightSwitch was, so “Switch on the LightSwitch” sounded interesting. Mr Cleeren seemed much more relaxed and more knowledgable, so I enjoyed his talk, even though LightSwitch wasn’t that cool.

Next slot was full of things I’m not interested in, so I used this hour to go around the exhibition hall in the center of Oslo Spektrum. Talking to JetBrain, EDB ErgoGroup (where Rune Grothaug, the guy who was NNUG’s main contact in Microsoft Norge before Petri Wilhelmsen) and a couple of other booths. I also got to meet Petri for the first time, after annoying him with e-mails and stuff for several months.

NNUGNNUG had its own “booth” with some chairs and some sofa/puffy-chairs which I have no idea how to describe, but they were awesome for just laying there, relaxing my feet. Last but not least, they’d set up a computer with TrackMania. I of course had to help them get some gold medals!

Enough chit-chat, after my break I went to Peter Myers’ talks about SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and Data Mining. MIND-BLOWING! Seriously, I was so excited by these sessions, my heart rate was at least 200 bpm. I couldn’t get to my hotel room fast enough to start playing with it, but as I discovered, it wouldn’t be that easy. Carl Franklin playing at NDC First I wasn’t able to start SSAS and after a lot of trying and failing I figured out my SQL Server 2011 CTP trial had ended. Perfect. So, I had to uninstall 2011. Then off to download 2008 R2 because I didn’t have the ISO on my computer. Downloading 4-5GB on a shared internet connection takes a long time. To be specific; 4 hours. Finally got the ISO, and then found out that my BI-tools installation was fucked up. So, then I had to uninstall VS 2010, VS 2008 and THEN re-install 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2. By then, I’d of course forgotten all the cool things Peter Myers talked about, so I just had to give up and get some sleep.

Mobile discussion panel The other days were also interesting, but not as mind-blowing. Watching Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin on the panel discussion was awesome. Also, Carl Franklin sitting Oslo Spektrum, jamming on his guitar and singing, was perfect.

Now, a week after, they’ve released most of the videos, and the torrent will be available as soon as they’ve published all videos. Here’s a list of the sessions I attended, and those I’m going to watch later.

Sessions I attended

Day 1

  • Keynote – Scott Guthrie
  • Windows Azure – Under the hood – Maarten Balliauw
  • Architecting for a cost effective Windows Azure solution – Maarten Balliauw
  • Switch on the LightSwitch – Gill Cleeren
  • Introduction to Analysis Services 2008 R2 Cubes – Peter Myers
  • Taking Your Application to the Next Level with Data Mining – Peter Myers

Day 2

  • Quality without Testing!! – Jason Bryant
  • Why Web Performance Matters – Richard Campbell
  • A developers guide to encryption – Barry Dorrans
  • Mobile Panel Discussion – .NET Rocks!

Day 3

  • Producing great video and audio on a budget – Carl Franklin
  • CQRS in the wild – case study – Einar Ingebrigtsen
  • Agile Patterns: Agile Estimation – Stephen Forte

Sessions I’m going to watch

Day 1

  • Fundamental Design Principles for UI Developers – Billy Hollis
  • JavaScript, jQuery & Ajax with ASP.NET – Damian Edwards
  • Clojure – The Last Programming Language – Robert C. Martin
  • Don’t get stung – an introduction to web security – Barry Dorrans
  • Introduction to F#, a multiple paradigm language – Amanda Laucher
  • ASP.NET MVC 3, EF Code First, NuGet, and IIS Express – Part 1 – Scott Guthrie
  • ASP.NET MVC 3, EF Code First, NuGet, and IIS Express – Part 2 – Scott Guthrie
  • Async 101 – Jon Skeet
  • Practical OData with and without Entity Framework – Vagif Abilov
  • Document databases with ASP.NET MVC – Rob Ashton
  • ECMAScript 5: The New Parts – Douglas Crockford
  • Let me introduce my Moncai! – Dale Ragan

Day 2

  • Unplugged – Scott Guthrie
  • HTML5: Why, what, who, when, how? – Bruce Lawson
  • HTML5 before your very eyes – Bruce Lawson
  • New Developer Features in Windows Phone “Mango” – Sean McKenna
  • HTML5: Huh – what is it good for? – Remy Sharp
  • Making a beautiful and rock-solid Windows Phone application – Sean McKenna
  • Who needs a service bus anyway? – Udi Dahan
  • Mono and Mobile – Chris Hardy
  • WTF is a Monad? – Robert C. Martin
  • jQuery 101 – Rod Paddock
  • jQuery 102 – Rod Paddock
  • Cross platform .NET in practice. An end-to-end example of the same app implemented across iPad, iPhone, WP7 and Android – Jonas Follesø
  • Quality – Douglas Crockford
  • Wake Up and Smell The Coffee – Anders Norås

Day 3

  • Node.js – Ryan Dahl
  • Introduction to RavenDB – Rob Ashton
  • Async Deep Dive – Jon Skeet
  • HTML5 – Offline Business Applications for Desktops, Tablets and Phones – Ingo Rammer
  • Designing a JavaScript application – Christian Johansen
  • Dr. CQRS or: How I Learned to Stop CRUDing and Love the Domain Model – Fredrik Kalseth
  • Entity Framework 4 – Get started now – Alf Kåre Lefdal
  • Top 10 things to learn from Clojure that will make you a better developer in any language – Martin Jul
  • Avoiding Cross site scripting – not as easy as you might think – Erlend Oftedal
  • Raven DB by Example – Emil Cardell
  • Developing .NET Applications for the Mac App Store – Michael Hutchinson

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