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Buying my first Mac

Yes. I have sold my soul to the devil; Apple. After using Linux for several years, I got “forced” over to the Microsoft world after starting at Omega. I realized that Linux really wasn’t that great, so I stopped using it as my desktop. I still use it for servers sometimes, but I tend to prefer the Microsoft platform on servers too.

Last year I traded my HTC HD2 with an iPhone, and a couple of weeks ago I bought an iPad. These are the best products I’ve used in these categories (phone and tablet), so I figured I’d try out the Mac.

I think I’ll like it for some things, but I don’t think I’ll exchange my main desktop with a Mac. Even if I wanted to, I’m too dependent on Microsoft products like Management Studio and Visual Studio. I know you can run a virtual machine inside OS X, but what’s the point if you spend most of your day in that virtual machine anyways?

I’ve been trying to find a place where I “need” the Mac, because people kept telling me that spending 10.000 NOK just to test it out is stupid. Last week I found a use-case! I’ll use it to record music with my band, and as a TV-PC. So I went to and ordered a Mac Mini, a wireless keyboard, the Magic Mouse, a Trackpad and a 1TB Time Capsule. I’m really looking forward to testing it out so be sure to check back in a couple of weeks for the second part.

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