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When I was younger (a year ago or something), I play a pirate very often, waving with a sword going on treasure-hunts etc. This weekend, I found a new hobby which reminds me a lot of this; Geocaching.


The point is to use a GPS enabled device to find packages set out by others. These packages comes in four different sizes, from a couple of centimeters (1 inch) to 20-30 cm (about 11 inches). You locate a package you want to find on the internet (, plot the GPS coordinates into your device (in my case, iPhone) and then start walking. Some of these packages might be very close to a main road, while others are out on an island where you have to use a boat to go out and find it. When you’ve found the location, you start looking for the package. You can get some hints from the application if you need it, or you can ignore it.

Me and a friend had to check this out, so we located the package closest to my apartment. After we found it we were so excited that we just had to find more of them. We ended up finding 4 packages, all in the area where I live.

When you find a package, you will probably find a notepad in there, to write your name and date, and a couple of other things. If you take anything, remember to put in something with the same or greater value. The things we’ve found is marbles, pens, reflexes and similar. I really recommend this for people that want to do something while walking around.

Here’s a couple of links which shows the packages around the cities where most of my readers lives:

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