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AppEd 2010

If you were at AppEd 2008, you should go “WHHOOOOHOOOO” right now because I’m here to tell you about AppEd 2010! It’s still in planning stage, but we’re getting there. We hope to host this event every second year. We’ll also try to make it an even better success than last time, if that’s possible.

We’re planning on Thursday – Saturday in the beginning of September. We’re also working on getting an external speaker (and maybe two? :), so we have to try to set our schedule after him/her/they etc.

The planning is done in TeamDoc and OneNote. OneNote is btw a GREAT tool for putting thoughts on “paper”. We’ll have two focus areas this time; PIMS and Web3, but we’ll also cover CR3, SQL, Reports and maybe even Silverlight! Do you have any requests for sessions or speakers, just contact me and I’ll see what I can do. We’re also hoping on making it works so that MSDN Live in Stavanger is on Wednesday before the event, so that we’ll almost get a full week with pure learning, and of course mingling. I’m also working on enabling our employees outside Norway to join via the Advantage system, but don’t tell Johnny and Peter about this as I haven’t told them about my ideas there yet! … and for the record, the “lessons learned” from last time is in my OneNote notebook, so we’ve got those in mind 🙂

This might also be the first AppEd with attendees outside Omega, which means we will invite customers etc to the conference. THAT will be cool! Because of this, we’ll of course have everything from “for dummies” sessions to deep-advanced-shit-that-only-a-rocket-scientist-understands.

Bottom line; Start spreading the word. AppEd 2010 will (hopefully) be in September, bigger AND better than last time! If you’ve got ideas, give’em to me!

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