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Apple iPhone 3GS vs HTC Touch HD2 Leo

I’ve been using HD2 for about two months, and to be honest it’s the best phone I’ve ever had! It’s quick, really good resolution good touch etc but my heart couldn’t take it anymore. Why? I’m subscribing to 20 different podcasts. Most of them are updated weekly, but some are updated daily. Copying files manually was a too big pain in the ass for me, so I sold my soul to the devil and trade it for an iPhone. So, which is better?

iPhone pros (and HD2 cons):
iPod (which means podcasts actually works the way it should!)
AppStore – This is an awesome feature!
Relatively large internal storage (32GB)
Smaller – doesn’t really mean much to me since it’s either in my pocket or on the table

iPhone cons (and HD2 pros):
The screen – I’m not a hardware expert, but the screen sucks compared to HD2
Touch – Might be that I’m not used to this one, but it’s a pain every time I’m texting.
iTunes – You need to have iTunes to active your phone, and sync it.

So to sum it up. If I didn’t subscribe to 20 podcasts I would, without a doubt, still use HD2. It’s as I said the best phone I’ve ever used. The AppStore is a ingenious invention, but after using a couple of hours you’re tired of it. I’m using my phone for mainly three things: Calling, podcasts and texting. Till Windows Mobile (or from what I’ve heard, they’ll call it Windows Phone from version 7) have a proper way of syncing podcasts I’m sticking to iPhone. If you’re not subscribing to podcasts GO FOR THE HD2!

Oh, and btw. Thanks for all the comments last time. I’ve tried all the applications and none of them does the job. Either you have to use iTunes and the other application, or there’s no way of tracking your played items on both ends (computer and phone).

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