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2009 Summary

Yes, we’ve come to the part of the year where everyone’s summing up the last year. I’m about to do the same, and I’ll also give out some awards. So, what’s been happening the great year of 2009? Let’s start with my accomplishments: I’ve moved to another department, started playing with WPF, Silverlight, WCF, LINQ, Azure, Chrome OS and Wave. Cuddled with Windows 7, started “5 minutes interviews”, Wiki, listened to A LOT of podcasts, seen too much series, played A LOT trackmania, hosted a couple of NNUG events and written 68 blog posts. I’ve also been on sick leave most of the year, so I’m pretty happy! Now let’s move on to what’s happened in the rest of the world. The only things I can remember, without cheating/googling is Michael Jackson dying and the release of Windows 7. Not much in other words, but then again, I’ve got about 128kB RAM and it’s all used!

I thought I’d start a tradition giving out awards. If you’ve got suggestions for next year, let me know!

Best server software – SQL Server 2008 R2
I doubt SQL Server will ever loose this category, but hey! Maybe next year!

Best client software – Microsoft Security Essentials
Man, this have really saved A LOT of phone calls for me. I’ve installed it on all my friends and family’s computers. It (almost) never bugs you about updates, scans. It’s simple, light and have found more viruses than Avast and AVG on my 5-minute-testing.

Best speakerMark Russinovich
Excellent sessions about the kernel changes in Win7 and 2k8R2. Watch them at

Best blog seriesBad habits to kick (Aaron Bertrand)
Reading all the 15 blog posts should be mandatory for everyone that’s touching SQL Server.

Best wiki updater – Werner Waage

Best picture

Best bossJohnny Vik

If you’ve got requests for blog posts, either technical or interviews, please let me know. Also, remember to update wiki. If you’re good I’ll send you a t-shirt. The first to send me an e-mail with what the pictures got to do with the ones getting the prize will also get a t-shirt!

Last, but not least, Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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