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5 minutes interview #18 – Thomas Buffon

First time I talked to Thomas Buffon was when I was on my way to Qatar a couple of years ago. I remember I called him from the airport in Amsterdam. For some weird reason I was convinced that he didn’t speak Norwegian, so I started with "Hi there. It’s Vidar here…". He answered me in Norwegian, but I kept going on English. After a minute or so he said "Hei, du kan snakke norsk til meg" (Hey, you can speak Norwegian to me). Of course, this was embarrassing, but I’m used to embarrass myself, so I didn’t think much of it.

What was your position in Qatar?
In Qatar, my position was PIMS development lead. We did mainly web development.

Do you remember your first day in Omega?
My first official day in Omega January 4th 2003, I was sitting on a plane heading to Houston. We were going to have one week preparation before going to South Korea running Mechanical Completion on a fast track FPSO project.

What is your current position?
My current position is System engineer in Karl Inge’s department in Oslo.

How was it working in an exotic country for all these years?
I was actually in 3 different locations from 2003 until march 2008. First Korea, then Houston and finally 2 years in Qatar. I must say I have a lot of fun memories from these years, and I really learned a lot from all the interesting people I met on various projects. However I must say it’s nice to be home for a while now.

Do you got any hobbies, except computer stuff?
Too many to mention, but I am a collector junkie and my room is filled with comics, trading cards, stamps and various other collectables. I also love Sci-Fi/Fantasy art, and have been drawing for years. Lately I also started using 3D programs for this. And as all programmers I like to spend time in the gym. I regularly work out 3-4 times a week. Not really a hobby, but an interest none the less 🙂

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