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I have set up a wiki for AppFrame developers. You can find it here. NB! This might not be available for some users (outside the Omega network), but will hopefully be available Monday morning. The reason this is set up is to gather all our resources, including all TeamDocuments like “Snippet Library”, “Technical problems for technical geeks” and similar. It is NOT set up to replace, and this will still be our portal for developers. The difference will be that will be “professional” articles, while wiki will be copy/paste code, small tips & tricks etc.

In the main page you’ll see two main headlines; Development and Setup & Maintenance. Under Development you’ll find the most important categories. Click for example “AppFrameR3” and you’ll be referred to the category which shows all articles in this category.

So, how do you start using wiki? First you of course need to register. After that’s done, you can click any “edit” you want. We’re using mediawiki (the same engine as which means that there are some tags that are special here. You can use most HTML tags, but also a couple of mediawiki special tags. For a list of all, go to this site. To add an article to a category, just add the following:

Also, you can edit existing articles to see which tags are used. The longest article so far is a copy of my AppFrame Security blog post.

The most used formatting tags are:

’’’’’bold & italic’’’’’

=Heading, level 1=
==Heading, level 2==

* Bullet list one
* Bullet list two
** Bullet list three, child of two

# Numbered list one
## Numbered list two, child of one

<source lang=”tsql”>
    FROM Table

[[Main Page]]
[[Main Page|Link to Main Page]]
#REDIRECT [[Main Page]]
[[:Category:YourCategory|Link to YourCategory]]
[ email me]

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