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5 minutes interview #13 – Werner Simonsen Waage

I first met Werner online, at IRC (Internet Relay Chat) about 10-12 years ago. After chatting for a couple of years, we had a mini data party. The only thing I remember from this is that we played Action Quake, him against 6-7 of us. He was only allowed to use knives, we used all available weapons. He won 9 of 10 rounds! After that we’ve always been connected either via IRC or MSN. About two years ago I started pushing Werner to start learn VB so I could recruit him for a position in Omega. June last year I recommended him for an open position in Trygve’s department. Now he sits right next to me 🙂 He’s just started a blog which will be available after his first post!

What were your first days in Omega like?
My first days were a bit long; I started with the AppFrame developer course the same week as I had my last exam. After the course was over I had to drive back to Stord where I was studying, and read up on what I had missed. So, I didn’t understand much about CR3, winforms or whatever, and I really didn’t think I was going to be employed.

What did you do before you started in Omega? Any cool computer projects?
Before I started in Omega I had to finish my teacher’s studies, I worked part time as a security guard and was just hanging around waiting for my life to begin. I have only had one project outside of Omega that is somewhat worth mentioning, an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) I did in PHP. Some day I might upgrade it 😉 You can visit the game here.

You are responsible for the Robotics Challenge. Could you tell us a bit about what this is?
When I was over at the Stavanger office for a day, I noticed that they had a much better non-work relationship than I’m used to. I pondered a bit on this, and after a while I thought maybe I could do something fun for the people in my department. Then I remembered that Olav had enthusiastically talked about some robotics when he was at school, and one leap of the mind to the next; the Lego robot.
I talked to the people in my department and they agreed to try this stuff out, and a few other departments joined also. There are a lot of intelligent people in our company with different hobbies and interests, I thought the robotics challenge would be a nice way for us to meet, do something that we are good at (coding) and talk together without any clients demanding our attention.

Do you have any hobbies?
In my spare time I’m trying to compensate for sitting on my ass all day by hiking, biking or jogging. I also like fishing. Some of my time I spend reading fantasy literature and playing computer games.

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