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5 minutes interview #11 – Jan Christian Brataas

Me and JanCB are like SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008. We’re a great team, mostly agreeing about almost anything. He started in Omega back in 2004, and he’s been in the IT-department all the way till about 6 months ago when he moved to technology. He’s been the main IT-guy since Eiolf started in Ølen Betong a couple of years ago. Together, we’ve built the new server room, and have had the responsibility of "running" all Omega’s servers. Sometimes he calls me at 23:00 just to chat about a new feature he found somewhere. I LOVE people with enthusiasm and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I like working with this guy! You can visit his blog here.

How did you start at Omega?
I had taken the exam to get my Service Electrician diploma and wanted to get into the university but needed to take some classes first so I moved to Ølen from Moss 6 years ago to take math and physics on Ølen VGS. I got an interview with Omega and a job for E134 through Omega. E134 was a firm that was created by all the main Firms in Ølen and had in mind to get everyone in Ølen on Broadband because Telenor did not want to use money to build out ADSL. After a year with this it was servers and network with Eiolf Berge.

What do you prefer working with? Servers or coding?
Before I tried .NET and T-SQL I was always saying that coding was for sissies, the real deal is servers, but after doing some T-SQL I understood that this was interesting and after touching VB I got it. Coding isn’t for sissies! 🙂 I love servers of course, but after getting to work with CR3 and doing tasks for MarketMaker I’m now 70/30 for coding. There are things in the server world that I haven’t touched but want to try, but Omega’s server and network infrastructure is more or less as it should be to suite Omega and we don’t need BIG changes as we did two years ago. So for me now to have time to learn coding in a real world scenario is just perfect!

Do you have any other hobbies except computer stuff?
Right now I’m training to Technology Iron Man. If I manage I’ll get someone to film the last competition, the Triathlon, and post it out. I don’t have any hobbies actually other then the PC and electric stuff, but when we got the time we try to fish and hiking at our mountain cabin. It’s maybe not a hobby, but it will take some years to get my two girls at home addicted to computer stuff 🙂 By the way, it’s not always fun to be Ken!

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