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5 minutes interview #10 – Kenneth Steinsvik

Before I started at Omega I worked at Clas Ohlson. Kenneth also had a summer job there and we talked a lot about computer stuff. Mostly Linux, but also some other things. Kenneth was in technology and he’s actually the one who "recommended" me for Johnny, so thanks again Kenneth 😉 NB! Remember to visit the CMS blog by Kenneth here.

How did you start at Omega?
About 5 years ago I was finishing up school and I saw an ad in the local news paper. I put in my application for the job and got an interview with Sigmund, Torgeir and Arne Gunnar. I was lucky and they offered me a job the same night. Since then I have learned a lot and it has been some great years working for Omega.

You only were in technology for a couple of months? What else have you been doing?
I started working in Omega as a part of the technology group, mostly focusing on the CR2 framework and developing internal applications. I was there for about 6 months, before one day Sigmund asked me to go and help out the Mechanical Completion group at the KEP 2005 project at Kårstø. This was my first experience working with PIMS CMS. I really liked it and since then I have been working for various clients around the world. When I have not been travelling, I have worked closely with Svein Tore developing our product. Right now I am located in Canada and I spend my days either working for clients, developing PIMS CMS or doing sales.

You’ve been traveling a lot. What’s your favorite destination?
For work, my favorite place is Perth, Australia. This was my first international assignment setting up PIMS CMS for Clough Oil and Gas. I worked there for about 3 months and had a great time! For holiday, it is a pretty close race between Tuscany (Italy) and the Greek Islands. They are both great destinations and I would love to go back.

Do you have any hobbies except computer stuff?
I like to stay in shape and try to go to the gym, play squash or go for a hike. In the winter time I like snowboarding and skiing. I can recommend the Rocky Mountains in Canada for everyone that enjoys the snow. The skiing there is awesome! Besides that, I also enjoy travelling. When we got the chance, my girlfriend and I try to travel to somewhere new.

What’s happening in CMS nowadays?
PIMS CMS has become a really strong product over the last couple of years competing head to head with the other top completion management systems. As a result of this we have a lot of exciting international opportunities. I just came home from a week in Rio de Janeiro and earlier this year I spent a couple of months in China. Product wise, we are constantly working on making our product stronger, more flexible and as user friendly as possible for the end users.

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