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AppFrame Podcast

I’ve been thinking about starting podcasts for quite a while now. The naming was the easiest: AppFrame Podcast. What’s left is starting the thing. I have some ideas who I’ll capture to get them talking, and some topics. But, is there any particular topics you’d like to hear about? Maybe you’d like to hear one specific guy talk about something, or you just want to hear more about a particular topic.

My thoughts was also to co-host it with someone and then invite “experts”. Then we’d have a couple of fixed columns like “tip of the day”, “tool of the day” or similar. So, the reason for me posting this blog is that I want YOUR suggestions. I already got a good idea by Kelly about not only talking to experts, but also PIMS-users. So, if you’ve got ANY idea, good or bad, please comment, or contact me (email or MSN) at

Oh, btw. This will be an audio podcast. On English, of course!

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