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5 minutes interview #8 – Geir Ove Fjellstad

Did you know that Geir Ove was one of the first lucky guys to get AppFrame training from me? Now he’s the team leader for the BP-team in Stavanger. You see the connection?!

How was your first week? Did you actually learn anything at all?
Frankly, my first week was scary. AppFrame, R2, CR1, CR2, MarketMaker, PIMS – all these words that I just couldn’t figure out but felt I was expected to (not sure I really understand them today either:)
But friendly colleagues in a laid-back environment helped me relax, and one step at the time I eventually got familiar with "The Omega way" (I hope).

What did you do before you started in the BP team?
After finishing my Master in Australia in 2004, I returned to Norway to an IT job market pretty much "on hold". I therefore started working for Søral, an aluminum producer. In 2005 I decided to "do a Bill Gates" and started my own company offering IT/programming services. After a year or so I came to the conclusion that Bill probably was luckier with the timing than me, so I decided to apply for a real job instead. My timing was a lot better this time, because Omega had vacant positions and I was lucky to get one. I started in May 2006 and have never looked back.

Is there anything particular that you’ve found interesting while working in Omega?
Hard to put a finger on anything in particular because what I feel is interesting changes. A year ago I felt the most interesting thing in the world was to figure out fancy technical solutions to a problem at hand. Today however I find it even more interesting to try to "get under the skin" of the client, and try to figure out what the client really needs (which often is something completely different than what the client says he/she needs).

Do you have any hobbies, except computer stuff?"Computer stuff" is actually not a hobby for me. I like it a lot (tend to love it sometimes), but I always think of it as my profession only. I feel it’s healthier to have this attitude (and then I can book man-hours:) For hobbies I play golf once in a while, deer-hunting every autumn, scuba-diving occasionally, trip to the gym now and then, and looking at the girls all year around.

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