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5 minutes interview #7 – Jekaterina Golouchova

Jekaterina, or Kate as everyone calls her, has been on my team since she started in Omega. Although she’s sitting in Lithuania we’ve had relative good communication via MSN. I’ve also been in Lithuania a couple of times to visit the guys (and girls). The thing I like the most about being in Lithuania is that I get to talk ALL the time. When I’ve been there we’ve had almost non-stop sessions about SQL, .NET and other interesting topics.

How did you start in Omega, and how was your first day?
In 2006 I finished the University and sent my CV to UAB Omega. After the interview I was sure I wouldn’t get the job, because I haven’t had enough experience. So I was very happy to receive an offer to work in UAB Omega as a trainee. On the first working day we had session about TeamDocuments and after that I started with AppFrame certification program.

What have you been working with?
When I have started in Omega I was working with CR1/CR2 bugs, AppFrame Reports and some SQL stuff. During that period one of the most interesting tasks was to create the "Dynamic Reports" concept in CR2. I learned a lot of new things while I was working on it. Now I’m working with CR3 (create new forms, fix bugs and etc.), reports and SQL-code.

What do you think is the most interesting thing to work with? Any examples?
Till now everything I’ve worked with have been very interesting for me. I like to work with forms (create new, make changes etc.), reports (reports with sub reports, writing script, reports with charts), fix bugs (figure out why this bug appears, how to fix it), work with SQL Server (create views, SP, work with triggers, overview what’s new) because every time when you work with all these stuff you learn something new.

Except computer stuff, do you have any hobbies?
I like to read (most often humorous fantasy). Not long ago I bought an e-book reader so now it’s more convenient to read books. Also I like to ride my bicycle (especially to the seaside). Sometimes when I’m not lazy I go in for sports (aerobics, swimming or other sport exercises). When I have a good mood and inspiration I like to cook. And also I spend a lot of time with my family.

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