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5 minutes interview #6 – Vadim Naroznij

Vadim is Omega’s chief in Lithuania. We’ve played tennis several times and he and his brother are always nice to me when I’m visiting Lithuania. He and Loretta also made a very cool game when we had a teambuilding in Klaipeda.

Do you remember your first day in Omega?
The next day after receiving my master diploma at university (in July 2005) I came to Norway to work for Omega AS. I was assigned to the Drift department that Eiolf Berge was at the time running. This was actually not my first meeting with Omega and AppFrame – I have been communicating with Eiolf for a half of year over email and had already completed the CR1 certification program, and read quite many documentation files by that time. So I was at ones assigned to solve a nasty bug inside CR2 client (which was quite fresh back then). Coming from web development background, this was a tough challenge.

I remember you did the first eFaktura (electronic invoices) in Omega. What else have you been doing?
That’s right – eFaktura application was a web service client for submitting invoices to Statoil directly from AppFrame. Statoil was so impressed how fast and neat we did the implementation that I’ve got a year-long assignment in their IT department in Stavanger (working remotely from Ølensvåg) to help other suppliers implementing and debugging similar solutions. This job made me learn many interesting standards and technologies like E2B, xCBL, PIDX, XSD, WSDL, BizTalk. A bit later I have been assigned to a project integrating PIMS 2000 with the production database in Ølen Betong. Being transferred to the Technology department I was somewhat involved into system world development and documentation, created a new AppFrame certification program for newcomers. Apart of that I was involved in many internal applications development including Travel Expenses, Group SMS, Telephony, My CV, Timesheet, CR3 email application, mail server services and eLearning courses. Over the time I had a chance to participate in some PIMS modules development – such as CMS, ResourceMgmt, DocMgmt, QuantityMgmt, ProjectPortals. Since 2006 when Omega established an office in Klaipeda (Lithuania), I have been leading the daughter company and mostly working from here.

If anyone visit Klaipeda, which places should they see?
Let’s start with that if you plan to visit, it’s best to look into the events calendar on e.g. web page – than you might come just in time for some cool events like the yearly international Jazz festival or a Midsummer festival or maybe the famous Sea festival, which by the way was held on the last weekend and was topped with arrival of the whole "Tall ships races Baltic 2009" fleet (there were also two sail ships from Norway :). If you happen to be in Klaipeda when no events are happening, I’m pretty sure that there will be someone from our friendly local team who will show you around: old town streets, panorama from 21st floor lounge bar, sea/clock/amber museums, white sandy beaches and introduce you to some Lithuanian cuisine specials 😉

What hobbies do you have, except computer stuff?
Apart of being a geek, I also like fishing, hiking and shooting (that’s why I like staying in Norway – there’s plenty of either). I enjoy casual sports activities like cycling, volleyball or jogging (latest addition: skiing). After spending almost the whole day at the PC, I hate reading, but I like fiction books… – my solution is audio books (note: don’t get too involved while cycling).

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