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Google is the “one and only” when it comes to search, but Google also offer a lot of other features! Jon Kristian wrote about Google Wave which is going to be released this year. In addition to this they got for example iGoogle which is a very good and customizable start page. Here’s a screenshot of my iGoogle, were I’ve got news, twitter, search, tasks etc.

In addition, there’s Gmail, Picasa (where you can upload your pictures), Docs (word on web), Talk (MSN wannabe), Calendar, Sites, Maps, Translate and many more! The one that I’ve fell in love with is Reader. This is an RSS reader where you can have one place to read about everything that you care about (at least when it comes to computer-stuff). I also use it to get notified when there’s a new episode of one of the 20 series (yes, I know.. it’s a lot) I’m watching. All this with ONE login, and it’s even auto login! Sweet! Oh, did I forget the best browser on the market? Google Chrome

Btw, did you know that Google offers a lot of features also in the search field? Here’s a couple of examples you could try out:
weather Houston
100 EUR in USD
1 meter in inches
~cabin Vågslid

The first one will of course show the weather in Houston. The second is calculating for you. Google can do complex calculations too. Conversions are a great feature when talking to for example Americans which always uses foot, inches, Fahrenheit etc. ~cabin means it will also search for synonyms like cottage. define is used for acronyms, and the last one you only search one site

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