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5 minutes interview #2 – Audun Hove

I first met Audun at IRC, about 8 years ago. My impression was that he was a true geek. He helped me with dummy C (the language) questions and of course various Linux problems.
After working for Omega a couple of months I heard about a bet Johnny (my boss at the time) had with Audun. Was pretty cool to find out that the guy that I’ve been annoying with various questions on IRC actually worked in the same company as me!

So, Audun: How did you end up in Omega and what were you doing before that?
Before Omega I was working in a company some friends of mine and myself had started, we made software for the shipping-industry related to the new (at the time) STCW-regulations. In 2006 we eventually had to shut down due to lack of short-term income. I started looking for work and got a tip about Omega through my father who was working with Tor Erling Lunde at the time. I sent a CV and application and got called in for an interview. The interview went well and I went to Bonn in Germany to work for TGE there about a week later, in June 2006.

What’s your current position?
I’m currently technology responsible for Karl Inge’s department, 3a. I go to various clients and help out with development, currently I’m in Denmark doing some work for Maersk.

Do you have any hobbies, except computer stuff?
I manage to sneak in a bit of reading, listening to music and watching movies. I enjoy taking photos as well.

Linux or Windows?
Linux of course!

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