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5 minutes interview #1 – Trygve Haaland

Trygve is my new boss. My first years in Omega I was running a lot back and forth to his office. He helped me understand, and solve, a lot of access-tasks. Btw, did you know that Trygve was the top contributor in the MS Access area on for a long time?! He’s always online at evenings, and we’ve had a lot of good discussions about everything from cars to .NET. Trygve is now the head of department 3E.

So, Trygve. How was your first day in Omega?
Way back in September 1993, I started working in our offices, at that time located at Nerheim in Ølen. I got a pile of MS Access (1.0) books and started self-studying to learn about databases and how to develop them. The goal was to read up as quickly as possible so that I could contribute to the development of our internal admin/accounting system. Long hours, but very interesting and the work environment was pleasant and full of humor. I had known several of the people working there, Sigmund, Lars, Arne Gunnar, Kjetil etc, from the mid 80’s and had also worked earlier both during summer vacations and after school at Futura Datasenter, Sigmund’s "pre-Omega company".

What projects have you been working on?
As you can imaging there have been a few. I was kicked to the wolves and worked for Kværner installation my first year away from the office in Ølen. This was at Kværner Rosenberg yard in Stavanger where we built a work prep, CMS, hours system from scratch. The project experience taught me A LOT. I worked in the Statoil team for some years which gave me invaluable knowledge from the multitude of modules and application we have created for them. When returning to Ølensvåg I worked on several projects, also internal applications like our email client. The later years I have worked on some larger projects including a Contractor based cost system etc. My team was extended to also include some minor customers served by a support team I lead and last year this was concretize into a separate department as part of a reorganizational process in Omega. Now I try to balance my work hours between doing development for clients and handling our employees, projects and clients from a "paper point of view".

What do you do on your spare time?
Having a family with two boys, at five and nine, there are plenty of activities and things to do in the evenings. I train the soccer team where the oldest one plays and the younger one have also started "playing". Since I am also trying to attend one or two weekly old boy’s soccer practices there are some soccer going on. My two favorite red teams, Liverpool and Brann, also gives me a lot of good times. Add to this a pack of dogs, two horses, some cats, a big lawn etc and I have no trouble filling my spare time.

What’s the most fun part of working in Omega?
It is the combination. No two days are alike, always PLENTY to learn, I get to work with my hobby (got my Commodore 64 back in 1982) and all the talented, skillful and cheerful colleagues makes it impossible not to have a good time at work.

If you didn’t work with computers, what would you work with?
A very good question with no easy answer. My education was in electronics but when I started in Omega, I had plans for a higher education in economics so I might have ended up in that direction. A trip to the movies where a bunch of us saw "Rambo III" (Sigmund is EXTREMELY fond of helicopters) ended up with the question or rather a declaration that I should rather start working for Omega instead of wasting any more time on studies 🙂

Thanks for your 5 minutes 🙂

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