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How does Windows Live Writer work?

When you first install live writer, you get 4 radio-buttons. Choose the 4th. “Other” or something like that. Then it asks you for a URL. This will be This will only work after I’ve set up your blog first. Username and password will be the same as in TeamDoc.

After filling category and adding the text, you can insert a picture by clicking "Picture” under Insert on the right side. After doing that, you might want to add the blog item to a category. Then you need to go into TeamDoc and add a section to your blog-TeamDoc. Then, in live writer, click the combo box “Set category”.

To insert code, install this plug-in and click on the right “Code…” under Insert. This supports VB, TSQL, JavaScript, HTML etc.

Before you publish, you can preview your post. When that’s done, click “Publish” (in the upper left corner), and you’ll get forwarded to your blog.

You can also open previous posts to fix typos or similar by clicking file –> Open. There you’ll find recently posted, or you can search all your posts.

Under the “Blog Data” section in your TeamDoc, you can change the about page, your stylesheet (CSS), header etc. Contact me if you’ve got problems with any of these and I’ll help you through it 🙂

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