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Keyboard shortcuts in SSMS

You can save a lot of time using simple keyboard shortcuts. Here’s a list of my favorite shortcuts in SQL Server Management Studio. NB!!! You might have to go in to Tools –> Options –> Environment –> Keyboard and press “Reset to default”.

Action Shortcut
New Query Window CTRL + N
Close window CTRL + F4
Delete all text in current tab CTRL + SHIFT + DEL
Selected text to UPPER case CTRL + SHIFT + U
Selected text to lower case CTRL + SHIFT + L
Selected text to comment CTRL + K, CTRL + C
Uncomment selected text CTRL + K, CTRL + U
Info of selected object (text) ALT + F1
Include actual execution plan CTRL + M
Switch between tabs CTRL + TAB
Object Explorer Details F7
Object Explorer F8

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