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Live Mesh

Microsoft released Live Mesh (beta) to the public April last year. I’ve only been using it a couple of days, but I wish I had noticed this before! On the slogan is “Sync, share, and access the information you care about – wherever you happen to be.”. I think this explains most of it. Live Mesh is a service from Microsoft that you can connect to either using your browser (from anywhere in the world), or using an application installed on your PC. If you install this application, it integrates with windows explorer. All Mesh-folders have a blue folder-icon. If you got a folder you want to share with mesh, you just right-click it and choose “Add folder to Live Mesh”. You can also add permissions on this folder so your friends can get access to it. I’ve tested this with a folder I call “VS projects”. On my spare time I’ve been working a bit with an IRC client. I wanted to share the source code with Jan Leon, so I gave him permissions to the folder, and 30 seconds later, he had it on his desktop without doing ANYTHING. Live Mesh did the synchronization automatically.

On all folders you’ve got a little extra window on the right. There are three tabs. News, Members and Synchronized Devices.
On News you can see all information about the folder. Who added or deleted which files. New members of the folder etc.
In the Members tab you can see who’s got permissions to this folder and what permissions the user got. As long as your friend got a live-address (for use with MSN or similar), you can add your friend to this.
On the Synchronized Devices tab you can see which computers (and sites) are connected to this folder at the moment, and where your changes will be synchronized.
I’m now using this for backup. I’ve only got a couple of documents I don’t want to loose. Nothing confidential, just a lot of work to redo if lost.. All other files and applications can be downloaded from the internet, so no need to worry there.

NB! Be aware that there are a limit on the size of your folders. It’s about 5GB, so you shouldn’t worry too much.

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