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Hot tips after installing SQL Server 2008 management studio

After you’ve installed 2008, there’s two issues annoying my shiny metal ass:
1.) Shortcuts doesn’t work properly. CTRL + N normally opens a new window, but not anymore! To fix this, go to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard and click “Reset to Default”. Now it works 🙂 You should think that you get default when installing, but no…
2.) For (stupid) security reasons, management studio doesn’t allow you to do changes to a table that makes it rebuild the table. Since we always have PrimKey, Created, CreateBy etc at the end of the table, when you add a field it has to be before the PrimKey-field, and therefore you need to rebuild your table. To fix this issue, go to Tools -> Options -> Table and Database Designers and uncheck “Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation”.

Both issues is already reported to Microsoft. The first one was not intentional, but the second one was “by design”. I’ve voted that this should NOT be by design. Let’s hope they’ll listen to me this time!

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