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Guten Morgen, TGE!

I’m now in Bonn helping Jon Kristian to upgrade their PIMS (DocCtrl) to R3. It took some time to get our computers up and running, but it’s at least working perfect now 🙂


Now we’re up and running, and the new database is restored. I’ve started clean-ups (because they’re only going to have DocCtrl). Jon Kristian has got his introduction to CR3, and his first words about it was “WOW! Now I finally have something to brag about to the other consultant”. They’ve got a cool relationship. Always smiling and laughing.

My hotel doesn’t have internet, so I’m “forced” to get out and do stuff. It’s great to have Jon Kristian down here. He’s taking us around the city, to restaurants (remember; I LOVE FOOD), bars etc. I think I’ve found my new favorite beer. Not sure yet, but it’s really good. It’s called Gaffel Kölsch.
On Monday, I tasted some national food. 5-6 different sausages, among them blood-pudding. I love food made from blood. Or, actually, I love all food 🙂

We’ve looked at the old DocCtrl and compared it to the new one. We think it will be ok to convert it, but there’s going to be some weird looking import SPs. I’ve just started them, and I’m looking forward to get it all up and running!

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