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AppEd 2010 – Ølensvåg

Everything is now settled. It will be October 1-2. Since it was such a great success last time, most of us will be staying at Løo, and we’ll run the sessions in our meeting rooms here at Omega HQ, Ølensvåg. Unfortunately we were not able to make this available for everyone, so this offer is only available for Norwegian speaking developers. Don’t worry, as last time, we’ve planned having separate events in Singapore, U.S., and this time also Lithuania.

To register for the event, log on to TeamDocuments, Intranet, My Advantage. There you can find “AppEd 2010 – Ølensvåg”. It requires 0 points!

Last time we took a notice of “Lessons Learned”, and this time we’re offering more information about the sessions, more sessions (3 tracks!) and informing everyone at a much earlier stage. We’ve also got a couple of surprises for you, so go ahead and register for the event!

For more information about the agenda with sessions and other stuff, please visit

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