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5 minutes interview #12 – Arild Røksund

My first meeting with Arild was in Stavanger a couple of weeks/months after I started in Omega. I was "responsible" for CR1 and CR2, although I still didn’t have the full picture of how it worked. Arild and a couple of other guys in Stavanger started asking me questions I didn’t know how to answer. After a couple of trips to Stavanger I managed to get on Arild’s "good side" and started learning tips and tricks from him in SQL Server, and of course other things. Since Arild is having a session named “SQL tuning for dummies” at the NNUG meeting Tuesday September 29th, I thought it would be a good idea to publish this interview today.

How was your start in Omega?
When I started fulltime in Omega, worked 6 months part time when I was finished school, I was a "Cost Engineer" on Heidrun Water Injection project in Tananger. Completely new to PIMS and thrown into a real project right away, quite scary but the best way to learn. After some time in Tananger I traveled to Houston and from there to Singapore, working with ConocoPhillips as "cost engineer" there. REAL good experience!!

What’s your current position at Omega and how do you like it?
I’m technical responsible for the PIMS solutions in StatoilHydro and "head" of the development team in Stavanger. I really like this job. It’s challenging, mostly because of the number of developers working on their own modules. Another example each quarter, with new builds are arriving there is a lot of planning to do, to make all run as smooth as it usually do. With four separate databases that should be running CR1, CR2, R3 and web, internally and externally in StatoilHydro, there is almost only room for errors here 🙂

Do you have any hobbies, except SQL Server?
Hehe, well maybe one or two… I play football two times a week, like traveling, skiing and "friluftsliv" (not so much of the "friluftsliv" part dough) and have tried some other activities to (diving, climbing etc). This fall we are going to start building a house here, so I guess my spare time from that moment will disappear. We are planning to do quite much stuff ourselves, so there will be more than enough work to do.

You have any tips or tricks you want to share with us?
Get rid of overcomplicated, complex, should-not-be-on-web-in-the-first place web applications and welcome R3 info your hearts (and hands)! When we can stop "fire fighting" and clean up bugs, we can start developing rich\intuitive\user-friendly\stable applications. Our customers are going to love us even more, and really be aware of what the applications can do for them.

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