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UPDATE World FROM Ølensvåg

I have now set up some of my “preferred” sessions for TechEd. Of course, database sessions 🙂 This year there are 17 sessions I found very interesting. I’m not really sure about the others, but I’ll read some more about them later. The most interesting on my list is “Managing Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data in SQL Server 2008”, “Performance Enhancements in SQL Server 2008”, “Understanding SQL Server 2008 Security” and “Tell Us Where It Hurts!”. I’m really looking forward to going to TechEd. It’s under 4 weeks till we’re going! 😀

Today we had a FIFA tournament in Ølensvåg. FIFA is a football (for USA dudes: soccer) game on Playstation 3 (and probably other consoles). We were 10 guys, choosing one team each, playing first in groups, then semi-finals and final. Guess who won. Yeah, you’re correct. Of course it was me! Easy peasy!

I’ve started a new project today. In Baker they’ve been struggling with performance issues. They’re using web (with LOTS of features) and CR2. We decided it was a good solution to make it all in CR3, from scratch. New (R3) data-model, new client etc. Me and Nils Arne have been involved in this solution before, so we gathered and made a solid data-model to start with. Stian Skjerveggen is with me, developing CR3 forms. I’m of course taking care of the database-stuff. Kai Fischer will probably also join us in a couple of days. It’s really great to start from scratch, with a clean data-model. We’ll always manage to port the old data to the new data-model, so that’s not something I’m worried about. The thing I’m worried about is time, as always. In one week, we’re supposed to have something to show. I’m staying positive about this, because I know it’s manageable. 

I’m looking forward to that day when we can say that everyone’s running on R3. Maybe within a couple of months? 🙂

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