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News from Ølen

Now, almost a month after the release of R3 I think it’s time for news about the area I’m responsible for: the database
First, something even more important:

  • I’ve been elected to the leader of NNUG (Norwegian .NET User Group) Haugesund. Our first meeting is June 4th. Microsoft sends us their true database guru, Jon Jahren 🙂
  • Microsoft says that they will release a RC (release candidate) of SQL Server 2008 in the second quarter of 2008. That means, within a month! REALLY looking forward to it!

R3 Database

There’s mainly three differences between R2 and R3 databases.

  • R3 is much more clean (deleted MANY old SPs, views and tables, for example MSAccess, MSAccessCR2)
  • New namespaces
  • DDL trigger

New namespaces

  • Database – Used by the DDL-trigger
  • Security – Only stored procedures. Users_Create etc
  • WinClient – Used by CR3 and CR3 Reports

DDL Trigger
Data Definition Language. This triggers on CREATE, ALTER, DROP and similar. We log everything to the stbl_Database_% tables to have version-control of objects, keep track of who’s updated what etc.

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